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This close knit community focuses on the extraordinary cause supporting tens of thousands of hospitalized children through epic fundraising efforts.

For Participants

Whether you are road cyclist deciding on pedaling 25, 50 or 75 miles, riding your mountain bike 10 miles, walking or running a 5K through the trails inside the Camp property, or volunteering, you are in the right place! You are the heavy-lifters. You will make over 25,000 smiles happen for seriously ill kids by making fundraising your #1 priority. Last year, the average AngelRider raised $2,100.00!  Your enthusiasm and commitment will bring your donors mutual fulfillment in supporting your efforts!

With all activities based out of the Hole in the Wall Gang, Camp AngelRide has something to offer for everyone, not just road warriors:

  • Road riders will be riding 25, 50 or 75 miles through central Connecticut. Their backdrop; quaint towns, open farmland and iconic woodlands.
  • Mountain bikers can ride 10 miles of the beautiful trails around the two hundred acres of Camp.
  • Runners can circle on the beautiful lakeside trails for a full 5K. 
  • Walkers can take a leisurely or brisk 3 mile walk to some of the most isolated parts of the Camp property.

PLUS The option to invite guests to join you at Camp to cheer you on and experience a number of fun family activities!

For Donors and Supporters

Through one-on-one and group activities, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’s Hospital Outreach Program (HOP) brings Camp-inspired programming and events to hospitals and clinics throughout the Northeast. Whether working bedside, in playrooms or outpatient clinic settings, HOP provides a variety of activities to children and families including arts & crafts projects and interactive games specifically adapted for use in the medical setting. Just like at Camp, all interactions are guided by the child’s choice and are child-driven. Today, because of AngelRide – because of you, 35 full-time HOP specialists are providing more than 25,000 experiences annually at 40 locations from Boston to Philadelphia - all free of charge.

You can be a part of it all by becoming or supporting one of our amazing Riders or Volunteers. Use the “Search Participants” or “Search Teams” functions on the left, to the left and make your donation today!

Remember, every $50 = one child visit from a HOP specialist!

For all matching gifts - Angel Charities #47-2608324